• 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment - Cavalry Charge of the Field of Battle

    11th ACR in action


    This photo was used as the U.S. Army’s 2012’s birthday for the Armor/Cavalry branch birthday and the Troopers were wearing the traditional 1901 uniforms issued. The 11th, which was constituted in 1901, no longer officially wears the black stetson but a brown campaign hat that was in service at the time of the regiment's creation in Virginia.

    11th Armored Cavalry Regiment's Blackhorse Association will hold its annual Blackhorse Family reunion in Louisville, KY, 30 May to 2 June 2013. Hosted by the Association's Gold Vault Chapter, the reunion is open to all past and present troopers who served with the Regiment, the Regimental Community and all separate units who supported the Regiment. For more information, be sure to visit http://www.blackhorse.org/reunions.cfm

    The U.S. Army Cavalry units are a mounted force of the United States Army that originated in 1776, during the Revolutionary War. The role of the Cavalry is reconnaissance, security and mounted assault, and the Cavalry has served as a part of the Army force in every war in which the United States has participated. The Cavalry has its origins and traditions as a horse-mounted force that played an important role in extending United States governance into the Western United States. 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment continues the Cavalry traditions here at Fort Irwin, Calif.


    Many thanks to CPT Chad Cooper, Public Affairs Officer, for the photo!