• 1st ID Reunion

    Society of the Big Red One - 1st Infantry Division - 1IDThe One and only "Big Red One" wil hold its 2012 Reunion in Memphis, TN. Veterans of the Army's renowned 1st Infantry Division (1ID), the Big Red One (BRO), will hold their 94th Annual Reunion from August 1-5 at the Marriott Memphis Downtown, TN. The reunion is conducted by the BRO veterans' organization, the Society of the First Infantry Division (SOC1ID) located in Ambler, PA.

    The 1ID is the Army's oldest continuing serving Division and arguably the most famous. It served with great distinction in WWI, WWII, Vietnam, the Gulf War, Cold War Germany, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Over 850 BRO veterans and their guests attended the 93rd Annual Reunion held last year. The COmmanding General of the Division as well as a contingent of young soldiers serving in the Division and BRO veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan added a fresh, new dimension to the reunion.

    Everyone who has ever served in the First Infantry Division or any attached unit is cordially invited to attend the reunion. Details including a schedule of events, admin and logistics details, tours and special events, and reservation forms are available online at the website www.1stID.org.

    Here is the 1st ID Official FaceBook Page