• Memorial Day

    There is a poem, well known by Cavalry Troopers, that starts with, "Halfway down the trail to Hell, in a shady meadow green..." The poem is Fiddler's Green, and while its story represents the legendary afterlife for Cavalrymen, its true purpose is to serve as a symbol of remembrance for our fallen soldiers. Its first known appearance in published form was in a 1923 Cavalry Journal. Its concept was also popular among 17th and 18th century sailors and soldiers in Europe, who knew that they would not qualify for Heaven, but trusted that a merciful God would agree with their motto that, “To live hard, to die hard, and to go to Hell afterwards would be hard indeed.”

    This Memorial Day, NEVER FORGET our brothers and sisters in arms who fought so bravely and paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. These aren't just words, people. Remember the fallen and honor them. Enjoy your day off (if you get one) and spend time with your loved ones, but please don't think that the Wal-Mart Memorial Day Sale has anything to do with our fallen Cavalrymen or their eternal resting place, known as Fiddler's Green.