Spur Certificates

Here are a few examples of Spur Certificates awarded after earning the coveted Spurs.
Click on the images to enlarge. Scroll down for downloadable files.

1-104cavspurcert 1-126spurcert 1-18infspurcert 11thacrspurcert 2-101spurcert
2dacrspurcert 3-7-cav-spur-cert-oif-vii 517spur_cert 6-8cavcombatspur combat-spurs-wright
dennett mulveyspurcert1 mulveyspurcert2 spcdustcombatspurscert spur-beck
spur-certificate-wolf spurcert_3dacr spurcertificate spurcertificate2 spurcertlozier


spur certificate display     alderman spur certificate


The certificates below are downloadable files. Click to download or right-click and select “Save File as” or “Save Target as”. Thank your fellow Troopers!

1-18 Spur Certificate.pptx

3-89 Spur Certificate 2010

4-9 Cav Silver Spur Certificate

Spouse Certificates2

1-6 Cav Order of the Yellow Garter – PowerPoint

Task Force Sabre Order of the Garter

Thanks for your contributions! Send us a copy of your certificate and we will post it to the site!