Deployed Soldiers

If you are currently deployed in support of OIF or OEF, USAREC is keenly aware of the challenges you face trying to put your warrant officer application together.
This page is designed to give you up-to-date information about resources in theater and policy changes positively affecting your ability to submit an application.
Email works best from theater.
  • Policy Changes:
    1. Letters of Recommendation are good for 12 months.
    2. S-1 Letter can be substituted for the Milpo letter. (Our checklist will be better)
    3. Any quality photo in military uniform may be submitted instead of the Official Photo.
    4. Resume.
    5. Security Memorandum Change. (Click Here)
    6. Rotating through SWA, Contact our multi-functional recruiter located in Kuwait
      Click here for Multi-functional RecruiterCamp Virginia (PSB Tent#3)


      DSN: 318-430-12149

    7. Army Personnel Testing Sites in SWA for personnel desiring to take the AFAST. (Click Here)

    Administrative Requirements

  • (A soldier must meet these seven Administrative Requirements before applying for the Warrant Officer Program)
    1. US Citizenship. (No Waivers)
    2. General Technical (GT) score of 110 or higher. (No Waivers)
    3. High school graduate or have a GED. (No Waivers)
    4. Secret security clearance. (Interim secret is acceptable to apply) (No Waivers)
    5. Pass the standard 3-event Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) and meet height/weight standards. (Click here to see information on Waiver Process)
    6. Pass the appointment physical for technicians (Good for 24 months) or the Class 1A flight physical for Aviators. (Good for 18 months) (No Waivers)
    7. All Applicants must have 12 months or more remaining on their enlistment contract. (No Waivers)
Checklist: Download Here


Entire Application Sample Packet. (Acrobat Format)

The following is provided for deployed soldiers. It is intended for the deployed soldier to print off quickly given the little internet time they have. In parenthesis, the explanation for the required document with reference is given.
  • Medical/Physical Facilities:
    • Compiling data because capabilities constantly changing and are limited.
Education/Testing Centers: Please click here for a complete listing.
Army Education Center, Kandahar


ATTN: Test Control Officer (Paul Lovello)

Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan

APO, AE 09355

TCO Lovello, Paul GS-13
Army Education Center, Kabul

ATTN: Test Control Officer

Task Force Phoenix, Camp Phoenix

Kabul, Afghanistan

APO, AE 09356

DSN: 318-327-2305
Army Education Center, Bagram

Base Operations, Army Education Center

ATTN: Army Personnel Test Control Officer

Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan

APO, AE 09354

DSN: 318-231-3106
Blackjack Education Center at Balad

Bldg 4250

LSA Anaconda, Balad

APO, AE 09391

DSN 829-4010
POC: Dominique Boivin, 1Lt, USAF

OIC, Blackjack Education Center

LSA Anaconda, Balad, Iraq

DSN 318-433-2099

ARCENT-KU, AFRD-KU Education Center

Attn: Test Control Officer

CampArifjan,, Kuwait

APO AE 09889-9900

Comm: 965-187-8822 X5094

DSN: 318430-13214

TCO GS-12 Mary Wagner

Ms Mary Newkirk


Army Education Center
ATTN: Test Control Officer
OJF – Eagle Base
APO AE 09789
DSN: 762-7077

Army Education Center Camp McGovern
ATTN: Test Control Officer
APO, AE 09789
Commercial: 406-551-1110
DSN: 763-1780


Army Education Center, North Camp MFO
ATTN: Test Control Officer
Unit 31520
Sinai, Egypt
APO, AE 09832
Commercial: 011-972-7628-1801 x 2507

Army Education Center
ATTN: Test Control Officer
South Camp MFO
Unit 31530
APO, AE 09833
Commercial: 011-9728-634-1611 x 4415
DSN: 312-9276920


Sarajevo Army Education Center
ATTN: Test Control Officer
Camp Butmir
APO, AE 09780
Commercial: 011-387-33-495000×2202
DSN: 314-769-2267


UNIT 66200, BOX 117 (RIYADH)
APO, AE 09852-6200
Commercial: 011-9661-478-1100 x 435-8366
DSN: 318-435-8366


Army Education Center
Camp Monteith
APO, AE 09340
DSN: 782-7018

Army Education Center
ATTN: Test Control Officer
Camp Bondsteel-Kosovo
APO, AE 09340
DSN: 781-3188

Last Update: 02/19/2012