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“Working with CavHooah has been a great experience. Their customer service is bar none. They were extremely accommodating when helping us decide which Stetson to purchase and were very patient/understanding when we had delays in purchasing on our end. And the quality of the Stetsons we received were outstanding. I can’t emphasize enough how much their customer service impacted our experience. We will definitely be purchasing from CavHooah again the next time we need Stetsons.” - SSG Rasmussen

"Thank you so much for getting back to me. I think it's really cool that you took the time to actually type up the email. It get's so irritating to get one of those automated responses back, and usually it doesn't even answer my question. I really appreciate your help." - KE
"If more merchants followed your customer service attitude more consumers would have high levels of confidence where they shop. Rest assured I have already told several people of your excellent service." - SGM JB

You gave me a lot of very interesting information about the order of the spur etc. I lecture on western history of the 1830's to the 1890's and I have to admit that I was not aware of the information on your web site. Thanks again!

Thank you so much, I am excited you responded to me so quickly, it means a lot that you would give me this information. There are a lot of Certificates and wow they're awesome....you have a lot of wonderful information, any tips? LOL ... again thank you so much.

"Thanks, that is very generous of you. I don't know what to say but Thank you. I look forward to receiving the spur pendant! I will be sure to pass your name and site on as I get inquiries and I am sure I WILL ;0)! Thanks again!" - TT

"Thank you very much for your assistance; you really helped us in the execution of a great event that the spouses all enjoyed! Also, I know the boss was appreciative of how quickly we received our orders...is there an address I could mail you a certificate of appreciation to? Who knows, if we can get S4 to spare us 10 bucks, we might even be able to frame it for you!" - CPT MG

"Wow, thank you so much.  I appreciate your quick response. I just wanted to check on it... Great customer service =) I can not wait to receive it!" - EH

"Thanks for the help and the great customer service. Received the spurs yesterday. Thanks again and know you are contributing to a great tradition and a great group of troopers." - SFC BP

"I came across your page while looking for some information and resources on the Cold War for a history paper I am working on. You have some awesome resources that were really helpful in my research" - KK

"You're the best! Thanks for the quick response. I look forward to receiving the spurs, as do my Team members. Thank you for the nice message and for the kind words; I really appreciate it. Take care and thanks for your wonderful support of Soldiers! All the best," - MAJ JM

"As the school year winds to a close, I wanted to send you a quick note to say that my students learned a lot about Iraq and the armed forces through our correspondence and mailings with you, and seeing the flag you sent us every day. Thanks so much for letting us be involved with you and your company. Best wishes and keep safe!" - SF

"Wow, I wasn't expecting this kind of response to be honest with you. Normally people aren't concerned about anything but making money. I really appreciate your support, and so do all of the troops here. That means a lot to hear that we are remembered by a business." - SPC TF

"Hi my husband is a member of 2/17th Cavalry out of Fort Campbell, KY. He has been in the unit for 5 years and loves it. I just wanted to say thank you for having this website available to all of the Cav soldiers and their families. I finally learned about the Cav tradition and feel better knowing my husband is in a good unit with a lot of tradition." - EW
"Hey Good Website fellow Cavalry Trooper! I was info surfing trying to set up our Spurs ride and ceremony. This gave me a lot to work with. We take care of each other no matter what. We do this for our Troopers not for ourselves. Keep this website up brother, don't ever lose the faith. I have been Cav since 1992 and enjoy our traditions. Thats what keeps us motivated. Thanks again for your website." - SFC DS
"Thank you, so so SO much! You are by far the most helpful person I've come across during this project. I can't wait to spend tomorrow going through all of the information you've sent. If you're interested I'd love to send you a copy of my final project when I finish in April! Again, thank you so much for such a quick response! I'll definitely be in touch!" - CC
Wow, Thank you for the adjusted price, I really appreciate it. I will e-mail you the picture today. Once again, thank you for all your help. -1LT MA
"Thank you for visiting our website and your kind words. I will copy this note to the officers of our Association because I, along with them, want to "Thank you" for your Service. In 1998 we held our annual reunion at Ft. Campbell and visited one hanger where we saw the Kiowa Warrior (we have photos on our website). Your website has photos and information that will be of interest to all troopers, past and present. Keep up the good work! I will be adding a link back to your site soon and looking forward to your improvements. Photos are great! Out Front," - DS, Webmaster B Troop 2nd of the 17th Cavalry Association
"I have been enjoying your website...I just took a look at your latest effort and it looks great!" - EH, Curator of Collections, Third Cavalry Museum
"Several of my NCO;s have ordered spurs, I have 30 Soldiers that have received spurs from you guys and I have several that just recently received their stetsons also, they are very happy with them, I always use CavHooah, because you have always took care of the Soldiers. Again I thank you so much for your support, and the Soldiers are very happy with your products. Now I just have teach them how to wear the Stetson's, thanks so much." -SFC JB
"Thank you for your help and of course, thank you for the discount. I will let my troopers know the great service provided by your company.I will advertise your website at my next staff update. Thank you for your support and excellent service." - LTC MW

"I wanted to let you know that I received the spurs last night and they are fantastic! Thanks so much to you and your company for getting them out to me so quickly; I was amazed at how fast they got here. I am having a ceremony to award them tonight and I know my Team members will love and appreciate them. Best regards and thanks for helping me out so much. Take care and God Bless." - MAJ JM

"Congratulations on being selected as a top Military site! Our editors have selected your site as an award winner! Military.com recognizes you and your efforts to connect, inform, and honor the military community. In appreciation, we would like to present you with our Distinguished Military Site Award." - Military.com

Thanks for your support.  I wasnt expecting such a personal email, usually it ends up being a mass "sorry" email." - AW

You are the F'n greatest and have solidified a loyal CAV customer. Great pins please drive on. Thanks," - MAJ JK

To all of our site visitors, customers, contributors, employees, and friends - Thank you for your support and for helping to make CavHooah a success!