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Join the Cavalry poster -

If you are interested in joining the Army and becoming a Cav Scout or a helicopter pilot, then check out the links for more information.
Cavalry Associations and their membership information is listed on the Associations Page.
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Do your duty by enlisting now - recruiting poster -

The United States Army was quite small in the spring of 1917. A draft was quickly established, but men were urged to enlist for service. This poster, showing a cavalry charge, portrayed military service as heroic. Poster by: Vojtech Preissig, 1917.




Men Wanted for the Army recruiting poster -


Men Wanted for the Army - 1908 Cavalry recruiting poster shows a bugler sounding taps in the southwest territory. Oddly, it advertises a service in decline after the closing of the frontier in 1890. Cavalry was useless in France for reconnaissance or attack; German lines stretched from the North Sea to Switzerland.


Jine the Cav - army recruiting poster -

Cavalry life! In the U.S. Army “If you want to have a good time ‘jine’ the cavalry!” (Jeb Stuart’s song). U.S. Army cavalry recruiting poster showing fifteen scenes of the cavalry life “in the field” with “plenty of good sport” and “in the garrison.”




Pro Patria recruiting poster -

PRO PATRIA! U.S. Army recruiting poster showing two soldiers on horseback, carrying an American flag and the flag of the Army.




12th New York Cavalry Recruiting Poster
12th New York Cavalry Recruiting Poster


 I want you in the armor - Recruiting Poster -
I want you in the ARMOR!

 A Soviet Cavalry recruiting poster from the former USSR.

A Soviet Cavalry recruiting poster from the former USSR.



Polish Cavalry Recruiting Poster
Polish Cavalry Recruiting Poster





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