Cav Baby

The Cav Baby is a unique individual. Cav Babies are born under the red and white guidons of the cavalry. Many Cav Babies (as well as many Army babies) are the result of a long overseas deployment! Nearly every Cav unit recognizes the birth of these new troopers during unit hail and farewell ceremonies. Some units will present the new parents with an engraved baby cup, a silver spoon, or even a CAV BABY certificate. Soon you will be able to register your lil' trooper as an "official" CAV Baby, show off with a photo of your child on the website, and receive a certificate! Many units already have such a program in place and we would love to find some of these kids now, so when they grow up and join the Cavalry, they can come back & visit their roots and find their sandbox playmates!
Desmond James Long! Congratulations Toby and Karen! DJ was born on 29 DEC 08, at 0044 central time. DJ weighed in at 5 lbs. 8 oz, with a length of 19 inches.
Baby Girl! Isabella Irene born 02 Apr 09 at 7:55 PM, 8lbs. 2oz., to Bill and Amber Gregory of 2-17 Cav! Congrats!
Baby Boy! Charlie Ray born to Spc Jacob Tannenbaum 11/21/08 Jake is serving with 3/82nd FA Iraq. Submitted by Proud Grampa, Al Tannenbaum 15th Med 1st Cav, RVN 69
ANOTHER CAV BABY! Nikolas! Congrats to our good friends DJ and Bobbi as 2-17 Cav celebrates the birth of our new Cav Trooper! 
9 Pounds, 7 Ounces!
Niko at 3 weeks and our son Jackson at 3 months!

On 15 May 2005, two more babies joined the Cavalry! Below are pictures of the new Cav babies, Gavin Marrick Pelham and Gianna Briegh Pelham. Congratulations to SGT David Pelham, Amanda Pelham and Big Sister Skyla! - 1st Squadron, 1st Cavalry, Buedingen, Germany The Cav Twins! Gavin and Gianna


Welcome Makannah Ann, born on 25 FEB 2005! Congratulations to SGT. and Mrs. Clouse - E Troop 238th CAV "Eye of the Hawk" Currently serving in Afghanistan! (SGT Clouse, not the baby!)

Welcome Braedon Andrew, born on Oct 20, 2004! Congratulations SGT Jones - 116 CAV BDE/216 MI CO


Download some Cav Baby Certificates - Microsoft Publisher and Word formats