Wholesale and Bulk Discount Pricing

CavHooah offers wholesale pricing, as well as discount and bulk pricing based on the product quantity you order. Our wholesale prices are designed for military units, FRGs and fundraising events, or retail outlets.

We will soon be adding a price table, but please feel free to email or call 334-475-3325 for a quote!


Are you planning a fundraiser for your unit? Check out these tips for success:

Spread the Word—and Increase Your Sales!

It helps if people know a little more about the organization they are supporting. Use these simple ideas to let people know about your fundraiser. Tell them who you are, why you’re raising money, and how they can help.

1. Sales Letters: Develop a basic form letter to send to your potential supporters. Emphasize your fundraising goal and what your group will be able to accomplish by supporting your cause. 

2. News Releases: Notify your local post newspaper and Public Affairs Office. You can also send your information to newsletters and bulletins published by local companies and military organizations such as the VFW.

4. Use Your Most Valuable Resource: Word of mouth! Get the word out to your Family Readiness Group that this fundraiser is for their organization and let them pass the word on via email to their extended networks. Your FRG families are connected to their own blogs, forums, and chat rooms all over the country - these fundraisers can reach them all!


Who, What, Why, Where, When, and How!

Who: Describe your unit and what they do as part of the military community! Include your unit motto, logo, even a unit history or links to your unit's official home page. You can include your contact information if people would like to contact you directly.

What: Explain that your unit is selling CavHooah Fundraiser Products. Be sure to mention that a percentage of all sales go to your unit's fundraising goal. Let them know what kind of great stuff is available and that CavHooah products make great gifts and help to support your cause.

Why: The best way to get people interested in buying is to convince them that they’re supporting a worthwhile cause. Let them know if you are raising funds to support a soldier in need, Troop Homecoming Party, Squadron Formal, or other special event or circumstance. Effective messages tell a story - they help the customer visualize why you need their donations and how your group will utilize it. 

Where: This is the easy part, but it is up to you. Ensure that your emails, flyers, and promotional material provide an accurate point of contact (i.e. name, phone number, address, and/or email). Your fundraiser items might be only available through one office, or they might only be available by mail.

When: Post your start and end dates of your fundraiser - if you are running your fundraiser as a continuous operation, let your supporters know that they can visit it anytime and your unit will continue to benefit. Then, be sure to keep your items and products stocked.

How: This is where you tell people how EASY it is for them to help out. Everyone likes easy and fast, and with your fundraiser, they can buy great Cavalry and military products on the spot.