What is Cavhooah?

So what is this "CavHooah" thing all about?

We could have called this page anything. CavalryPages.com, CavInfo.com, or even PeopleWhoLiketheCav.com, but I chose CavHooah. Why? First, do not confuse the spelling of Cavalry with “Calvary.” Always capitalized, it is the hill on which Jesus was crucified. It means “hill of skulls.”

CAVALRY is a unit of soldiers mounted on horseback. The word Cavalry comes from the French word cavalerie and the Latin word caballus, meaning horse. The slang term for Cavalry is "CAV".

HOOAH is a slang Army term meaning just about anything except "no." definition

But when you put these two terms together, something just happens. Some call it camaraderie, esprit de corps, or  ‘Cav Pride’. Ask anyone that has ever served in a Cavalry unit, or has even been attached to a Cavalry unit, they'll tell you. There's nothing like being in the Cav. The way your chest swells when the flag goes by.  The way your heart aches when another veteran from any number of wars fails to make muster.  The pride of earning your spurs, breaking in your Stetson, or the feeling you get when someone talks junk about your unit - like you want to knock their teeth out.

Cavalry is a state of mind.

Being in the Cavalry instills a pride, and creates a brotherhood like no other unit can.  It is undeniable, unavoidable, and unexplainable.  You may not like the guy standing next to you - hell, you might hate his guts - but you’ll put your life on the line for him without a moments hesitation, because you know he’ll do the same for you.  The slightest contact with a Cavalry unit and you're infected for life.  Nothing prepares you for it.  Very few units in the Army can claim to be as close knit or as self sufficient as the Cav.  They train hard, and they train to win.

Retired Cav Trooper Rich Cordon had this to say:

“Here is my personal observation.
I have met many members of different units in the Army with many postings in different units.
One thing that I have noticed is that when a soldier is stationed with a Cav unit something changes.
Lets tell it like it is.
A Cav unit is different. Cav troopers are ‘Shock Troops’. Move Fast; Hit Hard; and Move on.
This makes a Cav trooper a different kind of person. It also makes a soldier think different.
Tactics of Infantry and Armor are very different.
Once a soldier is in a Cav unit it seems to ‘stick’, and nothing makes sense after that.
Where is the Locate; Hit; HIT HARD; and withdraw to plan the next Hit?
Nothing seems to make sense after that. It is a very effective tactic.
We Hit them; Hit Hard; and left them wondering ‘What the hell happened’.
This appears to instill a Pride that other units lack.
I have asked and discussed with others this ‘Feeling’ instills.
It just doesn't exist.

It seems that once in the Cav always in the Cav.

We are different.

There is the Army and then there is The Cav.

Here is what brought this whole subject up. Yesterday a person came up to me [and] asked...How's the Boy scouts? Now just a little background..I wear a jacket now and then with our Unit crest and an Army Retired button on the collar. I asked “what the Hell ya talking about?” He said “I see the BS symbol on yer collar.” Now knowing what he meant, I was offended but understanding of his comment.
But offended just the same.

I replied “F*** You.”

Perhaps the wrong response (it was the ‘Spur’ of the moment). This was a knee jerk response. Anyhow he was taken aback.
He was not offended, but more curious I would react the way I did. At this point I told him what the symbolism was. The Palmetto, the six sided star, etc. After I was done speaking my tongue lashing he was taken aback. Perhaps he listened; perhaps he did not.
But BET on this.
He will think twice about speaking out of turn again! And in the end he learned perhaps a bit about the 2nd Cavalry Regiment. But the point is I taught him something. Think twice. Each and every opportunity. Take a moment in your time and explain your Regiment.

Take pride in your past and your Regiments past,

Learn; explain; and remember!!!! If we do not, who will?

In my heart I will always be a member of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment. I will always be a Trooper, and I will always be in the CAV!!!!

Remember your Regiment! Learn and teach the past! The saying "Charge Hard!" has meaning in the heart of every Trooper! Teach those who follow.”

-Rich Cordon

Esprit de Corps does not waiver in the Cav, never has, and never will.  God Bless the Cav, the US Army, and all of the men and women who protect our country and defend our freedom.

Cav, Hooah!  You might be too Hooah if...