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CavHooah.com is a subsidary of CavHooah LLC. Our mission is to provide Cavalry and Military enthusiasts with a taste of Cavalry history and traditions, and to offer good quality products at an affordable price, backed by outstanding customer service.  


United States Cavalry Association

We are a corporate sponsor of the United States Cavalry Association and we are proud to be members!

CavHooah.com was born on April 11th, 2004. It started as a simple phrase uttered during Army Aviation Flight School training, but it evolved into a website as a way to promote the traditions of our fellow Troopers. Over the years, we have had literally hundreds of inquiries for products. We found that there was a demand that was not being fulfilled, and if it was, our Cav Troopers were paying too much for too little. So, we started offering our products online. It all started with our very first Cavalry offering, the Stetson Christmas Ornament, or, to be politically correct and avoid trademark infringement, the Cav Hat Holiday Decoration.

And we've been growing ever since.

As we continue to develop the site, our product line is constantly expanding. The more we add, the more requests we get! Our goal is quality, affordability, and service. We work to find the BEST spurs, garters, sabers, and accessories at the BEST possible prices, and then we back it up with the BEST customer service. Need something right away? Looking for a hard-to-find item or customized gear at a great price? Contact us!

CavHooah was featured on CafePress in May of 2008, and in that same month, we initiated our unit's first-ever Kid's Spur Ride, which was featured in the Fort Campbell Courier. The event was received so well, that it was repeated again in 2009. This time, CavHooah was proud to sponsor the kid's spurs for the event, now a new unit tradition. We have been working on this new site design for about a year now (life sometimes gets in the way) but we are very proud to finally present it and we hope that you add CavHooah to your Favorites and come back soon!

We will also be building our Youtube Channel with more videos of Scouts in action and new product offerings, as well as hictoric video clips of Cavalry Troopers. In 2004, our Magic Carpet Ride video was featured during Fort Rucker's annual 4th of July Freedom Festival. In 2006, while on deployment to Iraq, we created a unit video that was so well received, it was used by DRS Technologies in their Kiowa Warrior presentation during the May 2007 Army Aviation Association of America convention in Nashville, Tennessee. DRS makes the Mast Mounted Sight, which is mounted atop the aircraft and gives the pilots the ability to find and fix the enemy.


Our product line started with Cavalry gear, and we would like to remain true to our roots. As we add more products, we will NEVER sacrifice quality. We have provided our fighting forces with thousands of spurs both at home and overseas, and having the best customer service is paramount when you are a deployed soldier and you are trying to order a product online at 0200 hrs on a Sunday. If you need information on any of the products available, email me directly and I will get back to you ASAP. We are a small company, so you don't have to wait for your inquiry to be sent to an inbox, then have it forwarded to a customer service rep, who will (after lunch) then punch in a canned script and hope that it answers your question.


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