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CavHooah is one of the leading independent online resources for cavalry soldiers, units, family members, veterans and enthusiasts worldwide. Features including Cavalry news, traditions, history, photos, videos, training, recruiting information, downloads, and more are provided free of charge. We've been online since early 2004 and we are growing every day. No paid membership is required to access website content. 


Why advertise here?
If you wish to reach a highly targeted audience of cavalry soldiers, units, veterans and military enthusiasts worldwide, you've come to the right place. Our site delivers over 250 pages of rich content and is constantly working to develop a reputation for quality among the military community. Our strategy includes not only online ads, but also email campaigns, our newsletter, and also social networking on FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.


Who visits our site?
Our visitors and customers cover the globe (although most of our traffic comes from North America). We are now receiving an average of nearly 40,000 unique visitors every month (over 50,000 in peak season) with over 90,000 page views available for purchase. More specific demographic information is also available.


Site Content
CavHooah features comprehensive coverage of Cavalry traditions and military history from both the United States Cavalry and Cavalry units from around the world. The site focuses on history and current events, along with information on several specific units. The site provides links to military units and activities, along with a growing selection of over 300 Cavalry and military gifts and products. The 'Join' and 'Air Cav' sections provide recruiting and flight school information. While the site is focused primarily on Cavalry, the visitors share a common military thread which provides a larger marketing footprint, as well as providing a baseline for future projects.

Advertising Opportunities:

We offer button ads (up to 125 x 125), banner ads (up to 468 x 60), and text advertising on our site, deliverable in various .gif, .jpg, or .html. Banner and Text Ads will appear on home page, links page, and one primary section of your choice. (i.e. history, traditions, Cav Gear, etc.) Button Ads will appear in the left column of the entire site on a space available basis. If you wish to design a different size or custom ad, contact us for details.

Ad Policy
Only advertisers that have reviewed and agree to our advertising policy will be accepted. Advertising is non-refundable. CavHooah reserves the right to refuse any advertiser we feel is not appropriate for our site.  If your ad is refused prior to posting, this is the only case where ad fees will be refunded.

Ad requests will require details regarding the type and design of ad to be submitted for review. When approved, you will be contacted by CavHooah via email with details on your ad. Ads will require up to 48 hours for review and upload. Ads will NOT be accepted for links to sites containing any form of adult content, derogatory language, racism, illegal content or anything deemed inappropriate. Any violations of this policy will result in removal of ad without refund regardless of when the policy is violated.

If any part of the ad is submitted in error, advertiser can contact CavHooah to correct errors, which will include changes in spelling, grammar, phone number or email corrections. Actual ad content will not be changed or updated.


Advertising Rates on CavHooah

Monthly - Ads will be run for 30 days from the date of submission and review. Multiple months can also be selected.
Yearly- Ads will be run for 365 days from the date of submission and review.


Ad Style Monthly Rate Annual Rate
Banner $50.00 $500.00
Button $65.00 $650.00
Text $35.00 $350.00


If you have additional questions or if you need further information, contact us.

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