Stetson Hats

CavHooah is a proud Authorized Stetson Reseller and offers a wide range of Stetson Hats in the Cavalry Hat style, as well as other Western Stetson Hats.  Don't forget your Hat Carrier to protect and store your Stetson!

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CavHooah is proud to offer the range of Stetson Hats in the Cavalry Hat style, as well as other Stetson Hats. John B. Stetson launched his business on $60  he borrowed from his sister in 1865.  In 1860 he purchased a building on the outskirts of Philadelphia in which to sell his Stetson hats.  This would eventually become the largest hat factory in America.  At the turn of the century, Stetson hats became a household name through John B. Stetson's cowboy hat marketing and his leadership.  He survived the Great Depression, and recovered during World War II when the factory produced thousands of Stetson hats for the military.  The Stetson Hat became the preferred Cavalry hat in the 1970s during the Vietnam War; and the word Stetson became synonymous with the Cav Hat.  Stetson hats continue to be standard headwear for cowboys and anyone appreciating Western style.  Stetsons are hand crafted and made from top quality natural materials.  Stetson hats are an American icon, both for Western cowboy hats and especially for the Cavalry Hat.