Civil War U.S. Mounted Field and Staff Officers Sword

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Civil War U.S. Mounted Field and Staff Officers Sword 39"

Quick Overview

Of the many different sword models issued to troops during the Civil War, this one was issued to "Mounted" Field and Staff Officers on the Union side. While not a curved-edge Cavalry saber, its straight blade design was better suited for thrusting during close combat, even though the sword was more a symbol of position and authority at this level.

Patterned after the 1850 model, this was the standard mounted officer's sword from 1850 to the early 1870's, (based on the French Model 1845 Infantry Officer's Sword.) The pattern was used by both sides during the Civil War. This sword is very similar to the 1850 Foot Officer's Sword; the two were actually approved for use on the same day. The most notable difference is the prominent "US" on the guard, which was not molded into the slightly smaller foot officer guards.

At 39" overall length, this high quality carbon steel, straight blade sword has detailed etching. It has a brass guard and pommel with wire-wrapped black leather handle for a sure grip. The most notable characteristic of the hilt is the prominent "US" molded into the hand guard, or basket. The set also includes a stainless finish scabbard with brass accented mounting rings and drag. A great sword for your collection, or as a PCS, ETS, or Retirement gift, display, or re-enactment piece.