12th Cavalry Distinctive Unit Insignia Crest "SEMPER PARATUS"

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CavHooah is proud to offer Ira Green authentic 12th Cavalry Regiment Distinctive Unit Insignia. Full size unit crest for Class A, Dress Blue, and Army Service Uniform (ASU). This insignia is sold as a set of two.

A Gold metal and enamel device 1 5/32 inches (2.94 cm) in height consisting of a shield blazoned: Or, a cactus Vert. Attached below and on the sides of the shield a Gray scroll inscribed "SEMPER PARATUS" in Gold.

This Regiment was organized at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, in 1901, and spent its first two years at that post. The cactus shows the birthplace of this Regiment, as well as its service on the Mexican border. The motto translates to "Always Ready."

The distinctive unit insignia was approved on 22 October 1957.