8th Cavalry Distinctive Unit Insignia Crest "HONOR AND COURAGE"

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8th Cavalry Distinctive Unit Insignia. Full size unit crest for Class A, Dress Blue, and ASU uniforms.  This insignia is sold as an individuals.  If you need a set, please add 2 to your cart.

The 8th Cavalry DUI was approved on 10 January 1927. It was amended 40 years later on 10 January 1967, to correct the description.

Description: A demi-horse issuant rampant Argent from a band fessways Or charged with eight mullets Azure pierced of the second, surmounting a ribbon scroll Sable with the regimental motto "HONOR AND COURAGE" of the second.

Symbolism: The eight mullets show the regimental number and Cavalry tradition ascribing the origin of the pierced mullet to the rowel of a spur. This is further indicated by the horse.