Chemical Corps Branch Insignia

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Chemical Corps Branch Insignia

All rank and insignia is made in the U.S.A. and is made to U.S. Military Specification (MilSpec). 

This item has been manufactured in accordance with applicable Government specifications under The Institute of Heraldry (TIOH) certficate numbr S-38.

A benzene ring of cobalt blue enamel superimposed in the center of crossed gold color retorts, 1/2 inch in height and 1 13/16 inches in width overall.

The insignia (in bronze metal) was originally adopted in 1917 for the Chemical Service. In 1921, this insignia was approved for the Chemical Warfare Service. In 1924, the ring was changed to cobalt blue enamel. After the change in the designation of the Chemical Warfare Service to the Chemical Corps in 1946, the insignia was retained by the Corps. The elements of the design allude to the chemical related functions of the Corps. The benzene ring is the starting point for the method of indicating diagrammatically a molecular composition of a chemical combination. It has six points, one for each atom of carbon and hydrogen since the formula for benzene is C6H6. The retort is the basic container other than the test tube, for laboratory experiments.

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