Stetson John Wayne Collection 82 Fort Crushable Black

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Official John Wayne Family authorized Stetson Hat 

  • Premium 10X beaver fur
  • Pinch front  4-1/4" crown
  • 3 1/2" brim
  • Color is a Vintage, Aged Black.  This is the intended look of the hat, and does not constitute damage.
  • Made in the USA
  • Pins sold separately

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Chris Bommarito
Charlie Troop, 3/17 Air Cav-10th Mtn Vet

I looked and looked for my original Cav Hat from my time in the Air Cav at Fort Drum and couldn’t find. I had a crappy knockoff for years that didn’t fit right. Just received my “John Wayne” weathered Stetson with my 3/17 Aviation pins and I love it! Out Front Cav Hooah! 🤠

Blackhorse trooper
You get what you pay for

This is a wool crushable. It’s slightly flimsy, but if you know how to treat wool and stiffen it, patient with wire brims, and have a steady hand with a knife. Then this is a decent hat for the price.

Yes it comes looking Dirty and comes in a box with other little flecks of somethin on it, was like cardboard or something.

The cord is stitched into the brim, if you use an Xato knife and super careful you can remove it and put your own on.

As I said, the wool has hardly no body to it almost feels like a party hat from party city during Halloween. If you know how to treat wool, or research how to stiffen it, this will be a good investment.

It is a wire brim so shaping it is a little bit of a pain. This is a crushable after all.

You want a cheap Stetson? You get a cheap Stetson is the bottom line. Learn some new skills in hat care and you’ll be made the Stetson master of your regiment in no time.


Was a little dirty